Thursday, May 12, 2005

Church - It's not just for Conservatives, anymore

I have two articles to share with you this afternoon.

This one, from Florida, where they have a very wise and wonderful Reverend who is not afraid to bring homosexuals into his fold, and performs their "marriage" ceremonies with joy. I just love how he stands up to the manure that is thrown from the 'traditional family' crowd. Check him out -

McDaniels, of Hope Metropolitan Community Church, said the initiative is
"abhorrent" and attempts to uphold a vestige of patriarchal society, not a
timeless institution.
"It's basically an abridgement of the civil rights of every homosexual
couple," McDaniels said. "People should have the right to choose their spouse,
whoever it is."

Which is exactly what I've been saying for a while now.

The other article is this one, from Reno. This Reverend has actually pointed out how the Bible is NOT a rule book for life. It is written by many people and, within itself, has contradictions, many of them, and therefore shouldn't be used as any kind of measuring stick.

Open. Welcoming. Loving. That's the kind of church I belive in.


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