Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Buy a Bracelet!!!

Ok, so in addition to starting this blog, I am also selling bracelets on Ebay.

They are rainbow silicone stretchy bands and they are debossed with the message LOVE IS LOVE. Each bracelet is uniquely colored and will fit most adults.

I am donating the money to a group that is currently involved in the fight for the right of marriage, so for a simple $4 you get: a very groovy bracelet, bragging rights about your humanitarian actions, and good karma points for doing something nice for people you don't know!! How awesome is that??!! You can feel good about yourself for days!!! Buy extras and feel good for weeks!!!

The link to purchase is on the right. Go, right now! Click to Buy Now and show your support!!!

bracelet -front view Posted by Hello


At 5:22 PM, Blogger krishna kashyap av said...

Really great job.
I hope more and more of them
buy the bands and you can donate more.
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