Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Well, this is scary! A bigoted governor, who has already made derogatory remarks about same-sex couples and parents, is now trying to temper his opinion with a lot of neutral speech, in preparation of a run for president in 2008.

The bottom line is that his opinion has not changed and he will no more tolerate civil unions than he would tolerate same-sex marriage, if he has the opportunity to remove the option.

''If the choice is between marriage and civil unions, I support civil unions.
But my preference is neither civil unions nor marriage," Romney told
reporters last night.

Someone needs to tell Governor Romney that it's not supposed to be about his preference, it's supposed to be about what the citizens of this country are entitled to.

And then remember to campaign AGAINST him in 2008 if he decides to try and continue the reign of discrimination that Bush has started.

Boo Romney!


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