Monday, May 16, 2005

The Democrats Take a Stand

What a great morning! Lots of positive action happening on the Equal Rights homefront recently, and I am feeling really positive and really excited about it all!

In Massachusetts, the Democratic Party has gotten off the fence and they're loudly declaring a position! This is so awesome, I hope it spreads to the Democrats in other states! It's so encouraging, really, to see people jumping on the bandwagon and voicing their approval of everyone's right to be happy, and to be free to choose!

More than 2,500 delegates OK'd the new platform, without debating the language in favor of same-sex marriage, at the Democratic State Convention in Lowell.

Equal Rights for Everyone!!

I think it's going to be a great day!

My New Favorite Person

Spain is now a place I want to go. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is now the person I like best. He has proven himself to be a person of high integrity, standing against the pressure of the Vatican and doing the right thing. I especially love the way he makes the point so clear and concise:

"I will never understand those who proclaim love as the foundation of life, while denying so radically protection, understanding and affection to our neighbors, our friends, our relatives, our colleagues," Zapatero told parliament in a "state of the nation" address.

"What kind of love is this that excludes those who experience their sexuality in a different way?" he said.


"I am aware that this measure is one of the most controversial we have approved...(but) we cannot deny a right to many of our compatriots when the exercise of that right does not harm anyone else," Zapatero said.

I don't really think I need to add anything to that. He said it so perfectly.

Yay for Spain and Yay for PM Zapatero!!! You are a prince among men, Sir.

Friday, May 13, 2005

I heart Massachusetts

As we approach the one year anniversary of the State of Massachusetts performing same-sex marriages, many things are being discussed, reviewed, and monitored.

I especially love the very last line in this article. It is always what you hear as a justification against allowing same-sex marriages, but it's really a load of bull.

“The institution of marriage has not crumbled in any way, shape or form.”

Conservatives are always wanting to shout about how same-sex marriage will ruin the institute of marriage, in some way. They tell you that your heterosexual marriage will somehow be invalidated, or threatened.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, it makes it more meaningful, gives it more strength. Love is such a positive energy and when two people who love each other so much, they want to make it a legal, public declaration; a binding commitment that can't be easily disregarded... well, that's just amazing. That's encouraging. That's uplifting!

And that kind of positive energy flowing through our world, being added to over and over again, with each "I do" that is uttered, each tear of joy that is cried... well, that's so awesome and so beautiful that it fills me up.

Adding love to the world is never wrong.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Federal Judge tells Nebraska - TOO HARSH!!!

This was great!! A federal judge overturned Nebraska's ban on same-sex marriage, because it goes into extreme overkill and has far-reaching affects.

Bataillon said the ban "goes far beyond merely defining marriage as between a man and a woman."

The judge said the "broad proscriptions could also interfere with or prevent arrangements between potential adoptive or foster parents and children, related persons living together, and people sharing custody of children as well as gay individuals."

Judge Bataillon, you have my respect.

Thanks for seeing the truth buried under the lies of fear and prejudice.

Thank you for standing up for the rights of foster children and orphans, as well as significant others. I'm quite sure the kids that are being adopted into, and cared for in nurturing, loving environments, as opposed to city/state/county institutions, couldn't care less if the people that are doing that nurturning and caretaking are of the same gender. All the kid probably cares about is that he/she is finally in a safe, stable environment.

Happy Dance and Yahoo for Judge Bataillon!!!

Church - It's not just for Conservatives, anymore

I have two articles to share with you this afternoon.

This one, from Florida, where they have a very wise and wonderful Reverend who is not afraid to bring homosexuals into his fold, and performs their "marriage" ceremonies with joy. I just love how he stands up to the manure that is thrown from the 'traditional family' crowd. Check him out -

McDaniels, of Hope Metropolitan Community Church, said the initiative is
"abhorrent" and attempts to uphold a vestige of patriarchal society, not a
timeless institution.
"It's basically an abridgement of the civil rights of every homosexual
couple," McDaniels said. "People should have the right to choose their spouse,
whoever it is."

Which is exactly what I've been saying for a while now.

The other article is this one, from Reno. This Reverend has actually pointed out how the Bible is NOT a rule book for life. It is written by many people and, within itself, has contradictions, many of them, and therefore shouldn't be used as any kind of measuring stick.

Open. Welcoming. Loving. That's the kind of church I belive in.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kerry, You Disappoint Me

I can't tell you how disappointed I was to read this. I voted for Kerry and, along with half the country, was extremely upset by his narrow miss.

However, after reading this article, I'm feeling somewhat betrayed. I'm really proud of Massachusetts, but I'm really sad about John Kerry.

Kerry, how can you be such a putz? You have totally destroyed the faith I had in you. I wanted you to win because you were better than GWB, because you were more open and able to grow with the country, rather than try to make it conform to your demands.

For heaven's sake, John! Even Ted Kennedy thinks it's a good idea!

You should be ashamed of yourself. Go to your room and think about what you've done.

Yay Massachusetts! Yay Ted Kennedy! (now there's something I didn't think I'd ever type.)
Boo, Kerry. Boo, Boo, Boo.

As Expected, California Conservatives Are Grumpy

As mentioned previously, California legislature has been standing strong on the platform of tolerance and equality and the Conservatives are not happy about it. This article says they're going to start a petition. (Wonderful. Now I have to deal with them all summer long, haunting me as I leave the grocery store.)

My new hero, Democratic Senator Sheila Kuehl, has got her head on straight! I just love her positive attitude and determined stance!

"This is about America, the place where no civil rights movement has ever failed," she said.

And as much as I would like to hang out with Sheila over some coffee and a paper, she's got nothing on my new boyfriend, Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine.

Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine said the proposed amendment amounted to
"legalizing discrimination."

"The fact is plain and simple," he said. "There is a group of people who, for whatever reason, do not like gays and cannot tolerate the idea of two women sleeping together or two men sleeping together. To put that into the constitution… is simply unconscionable."

Isn't he the coolest??

Yay Lloyd and Sheila!!! Write to both of them and tell them how awesome you think they are! Let them know we're watching and we're proud of them!!

Unfair Advantage

Well this is just spiffy. In New Hampshire, a committee to study same-sex marriage and civil unions was created last year. They're just now starting to get off their collective duffs and evaluate the situation.

And I'm sure they'll do a wonderful job. Seeing as how the HEAD of the committee is so open-minded and all.

Soltani, who spoke out for last year's gay-marriage ban, recently gave other commissioners copies of a book, "What's Wrong with same-sex Marriage," that describes homosexuality as an "unnatural lifestyle" and accuses gay Christians of trying to "twist the Scriptures to justify their sin." Soltani said his goal was to ensure commissioners got as much information as possible.

And don't forget that no less than 3 of the committee members were SPONSORS of the same-sex marriage ban last year.

But wait, there's more!! Scott Earnshaw was named vice-chairman of the commission. He just happens to be the head of the New Hampshire Traditional Marriage and Family Institute.

Can you say "submarine"?

I knew that you could.

Here is a list of the committee members.

Here is where you can see their voting records.

Here is where you can find their email addresses and shoot them a scathing letter about the irony of their state motto: "Live Free or Die" and how that must only apply to the portion of the population who live up to the expectations of Mr. Soltani and company.

Boo NH for their lame attempt at appearing impartial.

The Heat is On

In California, things are really heating up... The conservatives are getting a little concerned, I think, that tolerance and equality are on the horizon. They're going to get very loud, soon, I suspect.

That means we have to be just as noisy. Show your support for Assemblyman Leno's Bill that would legalize equal marriage rights in CA. You can comment on the bill here (just enter AB 19 for "bill number"). Make sure you click the "support" button.

(link found on

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Buy a Bracelet!!!

Ok, so in addition to starting this blog, I am also selling bracelets on Ebay.

They are rainbow silicone stretchy bands and they are debossed with the message LOVE IS LOVE. Each bracelet is uniquely colored and will fit most adults.

I am donating the money to a group that is currently involved in the fight for the right of marriage, so for a simple $4 you get: a very groovy bracelet, bragging rights about your humanitarian actions, and good karma points for doing something nice for people you don't know!! How awesome is that??!! You can feel good about yourself for days!!! Buy extras and feel good for weeks!!!

The link to purchase is on the right. Go, right now! Click to Buy Now and show your support!!!

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Technical Difficulties have now been resolved

Hi there. Thought I was gone, didn't you? Nope!

Up until now, I have had some delays. But that's not important. What's important is that I'm back on the job! I'm going to concentrate more on moving forward.

In the next few weeks, some of those blank days may get filled in, but that's not the priority. The priority is staying current!

So, stay tuned. Expect lots of activity in the next few days, and every day from here forward!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Well, this is scary! A bigoted governor, who has already made derogatory remarks about same-sex couples and parents, is now trying to temper his opinion with a lot of neutral speech, in preparation of a run for president in 2008.

The bottom line is that his opinion has not changed and he will no more tolerate civil unions than he would tolerate same-sex marriage, if he has the opportunity to remove the option.

''If the choice is between marriage and civil unions, I support civil unions.
But my preference is neither civil unions nor marriage," Romney told
reporters last night.

Someone needs to tell Governor Romney that it's not supposed to be about his preference, it's supposed to be about what the citizens of this country are entitled to.

And then remember to campaign AGAINST him in 2008 if he decides to try and continue the reign of discrimination that Bush has started.

Boo Romney!

Seperate is still NOT Equal

Yet another attempt to thwart the minimal progress we're making oh-so-slowly. At least I have hope that on this particular attempt, the answer will be "NOT!"

Boo Lungren!