Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Unfair Advantage

Well this is just spiffy. In New Hampshire, a committee to study same-sex marriage and civil unions was created last year. They're just now starting to get off their collective duffs and evaluate the situation.

And I'm sure they'll do a wonderful job. Seeing as how the HEAD of the committee is so open-minded and all.

Soltani, who spoke out for last year's gay-marriage ban, recently gave other commissioners copies of a book, "What's Wrong with same-sex Marriage," that describes homosexuality as an "unnatural lifestyle" and accuses gay Christians of trying to "twist the Scriptures to justify their sin." Soltani said his goal was to ensure commissioners got as much information as possible.

And don't forget that no less than 3 of the committee members were SPONSORS of the same-sex marriage ban last year.

But wait, there's more!! Scott Earnshaw was named vice-chairman of the commission. He just happens to be the head of the New Hampshire Traditional Marriage and Family Institute.

Can you say "submarine"?

I knew that you could.

Here is a list of the committee members.

Here is where you can see their voting records.

Here is where you can find their email addresses and shoot them a scathing letter about the irony of their state motto: "Live Free or Die" and how that must only apply to the portion of the population who live up to the expectations of Mr. Soltani and company.

Boo NH for their lame attempt at appearing impartial.


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