Thursday, March 03, 2005

NYC is feeling the Love!

This article is encouraging! New York is always painted to be a bunch of hard-asses walking around not caring about anyone else, but see! The majority of New Yorkers is just fine with same-sex marriage!

But what is with Mayor Bloomberg? Can he be straddling that fence any more? How flaky is it to say that he personally doesn't have a problem with same-sex marriage, but he's going to appeal it anyway because ... there would be... chaos... in the city? Dude. Take a stand! If you're for it, then be for it! If you're not, quit fronting like you're cool, because really? The wishy-washy thing is just going to make everyone hate you.

Yay for New York Citizens for Equality!!!

Boo at the Mayor for being a waffle!!


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