Thursday, March 03, 2005

And then, there's a nimrod...

What an interesting situation...

Here we have a town that is not particularly supportive of gay/lesbian couples, yet they refused to vote against them. Because they don't like the minister that was lobbying for ... employment discrimination!!

The man actually wanted to repeal a law that forbids discrimination of homosexuals in holding municipal jobs! Unbelievable!

This "man of God" actually PICKETS at the funerals of people who died from AIDS!! What God is this that he is representing?? How completely monstrous do you have to be to go to a FUNERAL and cause further emotional trauma to people who just lost a loved one? And how hypocritical are you to do something so heinous and then have the gall to preach about God??

I don't know who this guy thinks he represents, but my God would be more likely to strike him down for being such a sanctimonious snakeoil salesman, than to usher him into heaven.

What a total nimrod.


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